CPCSC Opts for Locally Grown – Farm-Fresh Produce
CPCSC Opts for Locally Grown – Farm-Fresh Produce
Wednesday, August 02, 2017

According to Katie Sutton, Nutrition Coordinator, Clark-Pleasant Schools aims to provide as much farm-fresh, locally grown produce as we can get our hands on. “We have 800 ears of corn being delivered to our middle school this week,” says Sutton.

We get much of our produce from Nature’s Gift, LLC in nearby Morgantown, IN. They are an organic certified farm. When supplies are great enough, a representative will reach out to CPCSC to determine how we could best use the crop. Examples include lettuce, blackberries, cucumbers, and corn.

CPCSC also uses Indiana-based Red Gold exclusively for our tomato products. Although Red Gold is a big company, its headquarters in nearby Elwood, IN make them an ideal supplier.

Much planning and thought go into providing the best food for our students. Choosing organic, locally grown produce instead of food prone to pesticides is just one strategy used that make us successful.