The Warrior Way is the 5 B's of Citizenship (Be Present, Be Pro-Active, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Positive) and uses a Positive Behavior and Intervention Support framework. Its foundation, both within the classroom and the school, helps support and guide students in making productive decisions that will positively impact the whole child (social, emotional, physical and academic).

Be Present

Make learning a priority by attending daily. Enter the classroom safely and before the bell rings. Actively participate throughout the class period.

Examples of being present are...

  • Coming to class on time (not being tardy).
  • Being on task and paying attention (not dozing off or talking with friends).

Be Pro-Active

Take ownership for your learning by using all available school and classroom resources. Ask for help when you don't understand.

Examples of being pro-active are...

  • Bring all your materials to class (including homework).
  • Preparing for quizzes and tests.

Be Respectful

Consistently follow all classroom procedures. Choose to follow directions. Accept the differences in others.

Examples of being respectful are...

  • Treating others the way you would like to be treated.
  • Be responsible of your actions (don't touch other people's property).

Be Responsible

Use your agenda daily to stay organized. Bring your appropriate materials to class each day. Do your work.

Examples of being responsible are...

  • Turn in all of your homework on time.
  • Take responsibility of your actions.
  • Following dress code policies.
  • For more information about dress code, click the link below.

Be Positive

Encourage and support all CPMS staff and students. Always demonstrate an optimistic attitude. Give your best effort at all times.

Examples of being positive are...

  • Participating in class (raising your hand and answering questions).
  • Encouraging you classmates.