Womens History Month

Clark-Pleasant Community Schools Corporation proudly recognizes March as Women’s History Month. The theme for Women's History Month 2023 is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.  Women's History Month is an opportunity to celebrate women's history, accomplishments and experiences in our world. We honor the CPCSC leaders who speak out, inspire others and share their stories. They are today's trailblazers and their voices make our schools a better place for future generations.

 Ways to celebrate Women’s History at home with your children:

  • Educate Your Kids on Women’s History
  • Celebrate your favorite women storytellers at the library.
  • Read Books Together on Historical and Inspiring Women
  • Write a thank-you note. Women’s History Month is also about showing gratitude to the women who impact our own lives.
  • Watch educational videos.
  • Rock out to empowering songs.
  • Visit a museum, online or in person.