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Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation is committed to recruiting, retaining and supporting a diverse staff, educating a diverse student body and creating a safe and welcoming environment to ALL students and staff. We collaborate with district stakeholders (students, parents, faculty, staff and community partners) to continually improve the inclusive, supportive culture of the Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation.

Our goal is to foster, create and maintain responsive and welcoming school cultures and learning environments in the Clark-Pleasant schools and to support the engagement of family and community partners in the various academic, instructional and social/emotional supportive services.

Please feel free to contact our DEI Coordinator, Ruby Butler, at 317-535-7579 or rbutler@cpcsc.k12.in.us with any questions or concerns you may have.

"In DIVERSITY, there is BEAUTY, and there is STRENGTH." 

Religious Observances

The Clark Pleasant Community Schools Corporation includes students and employees of different religions, faiths, and beliefs. We have created a guiding document that lists major religious observances that are representative of Clark-Pleasant students and staff as well as considerations to think about in efforts to promote identity safe and inclusive schools.

The document can be found HERE for reference to students, parents and staff.

We also have created a document that provides information with regard to our Punjabi/Sikh community at CPCSC. HERE.

Critical Race Theory - CRT

There has been a great deal of discussion concerning Critical Race Theory including concerns expressed at our own school board meetings.

CRT is NOT a curriculum being taught in our District.  All Clark Pleasant Community Schools are safe spaces for productive learning where students can talk about humanity related topics relative to age-appropriate curriculum and learning objectives aligned with the Indiana Academic State Standards.

Clark-Pleasant has issued a Statement on CRT and that statement can be found HERE.

Transgender & Gender Diverse Students @ CPCSC

At Clark-Pleasant, we embrace diversity and are sensitive to the needs of our transgender students.  We are committed to working with families of transgender students as well as educators to support academic achievement and ensure all students’ basic rights are upheld.

Clark-Pleasant has adopted a transgender policy outlining transgender student basic rights consistant with Federal Title IX Law.  This is a policy recommended as an essential policy by the Indiana School Boards Association. Our complete statement regarding our Transgender Policy can be found HERE.

What is DEI @ CPCSC

Our Vision of Excellence includes creating safe learning environments valuing students’ culture, language, heritage, gender/ expression, and experiences.  We understand that equity work is a process not a destination requiring educators and leaders to critically examine conditions for learning and actively remove barriers that prohibit success. 

For more information about our DEI plans and information click HERE.