Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching for Clark-Pleasant Community Schools. We are pleased to announce our selection of Kelly Educational Staffing® as our comprehensive provider of substitute employee recruiting, screening, orientation, scheduling, and employee management. The current pay for substitute teacher positions is $75 per day. CPCSC retired teachers earn $100 per day.

Kelly Educational Staffing (KES®) is dedicated to helping districts save money and operate at peak capacity by fulfilling all staffing needs. Launched in 1997, KES partners with 4,200+ public and private schools across 35 states and has a national classroom placement (fill) rate greater than 98 percent. More than 1.1 million classrooms are filled by a KES substitute teacher each year.

To learn more and apply for substitute teaching in Clark-Pleasant Community Schools, please contact the local Kelly Educational Staffing branch at 317-537-9715 or email 2570@kellyservices.com.