WCHS Rendering 1

WCHS Renovation & Improvement Project Information

WCHS Rendering 1

Rendering of WCHS Parking Lots & Exterior

Inside Pic of WCHS Rendering

Rendering of WCHS - Interior

WCHS Construction Pic

Construction has Begun @ WCHS!

An official Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on November 6, 2023.

Underground work was conducted out in front of the high school in late 2023. Beginning 2024 we will see more work being done both below and above ground.

In May 2024 steelworkers began placing the three-story high steel beams into the cement pad of the new school building. Once the steel goes up the 235-million dollar project will start moving rapidly.This is considered Phase I of the construction project.

As crews begin their work, a fence was placed to surround the front of the high school. Please see the photo below showing the traffic flow and newly established parking areas.

Map of Construction Oct 2023

Construction Photos:

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WCHS Construction Nov 2023


November 2023

WCHS Construction Nov 2023

WCHS Construction

February 2024

WCHS Construction

WCHS Construction Pic

This is just one-half of the pad that will be poured eventually.

WCHS Construction Pic

WCHS Construction Pic

Also clearly visible is the new elevator shaft

May 2024

The square notches in the beams indicate where each floor will go.

Site Plan

Preliminary Site Plan

Our renovations and improvements will include the following:

Safety & Security:

  • All students will be in one building; 

  • Safe and secure entrances

  • Better supervision capabilities

New Performing Arts Center with supporting instructional spaces for band, choir and drama.

Updated cafeteria and kitchen to accomodate larger student enrollment.

Better site circulation of student, parent, bus and pedestrian traffic.

New Pool

New 3-Story Academic Area

*This site plan is preliminary and will likely change during the design phase.


Do you have questions about the project - please go HERE for all the answers to your questions!

You can also submit questions via email to:  constructionquestions@cpcsc.k12.in.us

Image Under Construction

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WCHS Project Schedule


Phase I: June 2022 - September 2023

Phase II : January 2023-March 2024

Phase III: October 2023-December 2024

Phase IV: July 2024-September 2025

Phase V: January 2025-March 2026


Phase I: October 2023-September 2026

Phase II: April 2024-December 2026

Phase III: January 2025-December 2026

Phase IV: October 2025-December 2026

Phase V: April 2026-September 2027