WCHS Counseling Department

Welcome to the WCHS Counseling Department! We are here to help our WCHS students to not only navigate academic achievement strategies and plan for postsecondary options but to also manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills.

Should you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members via email or by phone at 317-535-7562.

Meet our WCHS Counseling Department Team Members:

Shannon Fritz

Mrs. Shannon Fritz

Director of Guidance

Laura Ehringer

Mrs. Laura Ehringer

College Counselor

Class of 2026 Team:

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Mr. Matt Anderson

Dean of Students

Jeffrey Molina

Mr. Jeffrey Molina


Laury Koppel

Mrs. Laury Koppel

Admin. Assistant

Class of 2025 Team:

Rachel Tonte

Mrs. Rachel Tonte

Dean of Students

Keegan Fox

Ms. Keegan Fox


Claudia Heidelberger

Ms. Claudia Heidelberger

Admin. Assistant

Class of 2024 Team:

Dave Bechinski

Mr. Dave Bechinski

Dean of Students

Makayla Moore

Ms. Mikayla Moore


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Ms. Gina Dycus

Admin. Assistant

Class of 2027 Team:

Kara Larkin

Mrs. Kara Larkin

Dean of Students

Margaret Weaver

Ms. Margaret Weaver


Teresa Martin

Mrs. Teresa Martin

Admin. Assistant

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