Dr. Patrick Spray
Dr. Kimberly Fifer
Asst. Superintendent
317-535-7579 x3111
Jay Staley
Asst. Superintendent of Finance & Operations
317-535-7579 x3192
Dr. John Schilawski
Asst. Superintendent/Human Resources
317-535-7579 x3107
Karen Robertson
Admin. Asst. to the Superintendent
317-535-7579 x3191
Teresa Norris
Corporation Receptionist
Superintendent's Office
317-535-7579 x3100
Michael Akers
Director of Transportation
317-535-7255 x6920
Jordan Anderson
School Resource Officer
Katie Bartolacci
Security Systems Monitor
Police Dept
Alicia Bay
Transportation Router
317-535-7255 x6903
Melissa Buckler
Benefits Coordinator
317-535-7579 x3890
Robin Bullock
Business Office Specialist
317-535-7579 x3114
Bruce Campbell
School Resource Officer
Police Dept
Jeff Clawson
Student Services Coordinator
317-535-7579 x3190
Kim Combs
Director of Food Service
317-535-7579 x3105
Charm Davis
Operations Admin Assistant
Patty Doyle
Food Service Site Supervisor
317-535-7579 x3898
Austin Fruits
Treasurer/Grants Manager
317-535-7579 x3103
Allison Green
Nutrition Coordinator
317-535-7579 x3887
Robin Hall
Assistant Director of Transportation
317-535-7255 x3545
Jamie Jo Hampton
School Support Team Admin Assistant
317-535-7579 x3108
Talia Hempel
School Resource Officer
Police Dept
Dawn Herring
Payroll Specialist
317-535-7579 x3104
Sharon Hinesley
Transportation Admin Assistant
317-535-7255 x6900
Lisa Hudson
Coordinator of Nursing Services
Jodi Kaseff
Assistant Director of Special Services
317-535-7579 x3257
Hanna Kottlowski
Preschool/Elementary Implementation Coach
317-535-7579 x3116
Tara Langemaat
Special Education Coordinator
317-535-7579 x3155
Brian Lovell
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
317-535-7579 x3102
Phil Martin
317-535-7255 x6908
Jeremy McKinney
School Resource Officer
Heather Napier
School Support Team Admin Assistant
317-535-7579 x3110
Barb Noble
Food Service Admin Assistant
317-535-7579 x3106
Emily Pickhardt
Human Resources Coordinator
317-535-7579 x3193
Connie Poston
Director of Behavioral Health
317-535-7579 x3115
Chad Pryce
Chief of Police
Sammantha Sturgeon
Technology Integration Coach
317-535-7579 x3109
Mary Tanner
Nursing Admin Assistant
317-535-3855 x7551
John Venter
Community Engagement/Technology Director
317-535-7579 x3120
Angie Wilson
Accounts Payable
317-535-7579 x3112
Julie Wolfe
Director of Special Services
317-535-7579 x3839
Laura Cope
Since 2019
School Board
Craig Koch
Since 2020
School Board
Beth Poe
Since 2019
School Board
Dave Thompson
Since 2021
School Board
Butch Zike
2013-2016, 2021-present
School Board